My name is Brooke.
I am a mother to two young girls who are total daddy’s girls but are also now developing a love for nail polishes and make up just like their mumma. When I’m at home I love to cook and whiz up things in my thermomix. It gives me some sense of security and makes me feel like I’ve somewhat got my life together.

I fell in love with the industry after having my first massage and facial in Brisbane when I was 16. I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt and I knew then that this was my calling. I wanted to give back and provide my clients with a sense of relaxation and provide them with a safe haven to leave their stresses at the door and offload to me if they wished.

My favourite treatments are facials and massage. I feel so much joy when a treatment ends and my clients tell me how wonderful they feel or how amazing their skin feels. As I began more and more facials my passion for skin care grew immensely. I find the science behind it so interesting and I love being able to educate and find solutions for my clients when it comes to concerns with their skin.

My ultimate goal is once my girls start school to start studying and eventually end up in a cosmetic nurse position. I want to be able to take my skin treatments to the next level but also move forward with the industry and be able to perform injectables. I want to raise my girls to believe that no dream is to far and it doesn’t matter where you start.

I love being apart of the blush team and hope to meet you around the salon.

Brooke x